17 January 2019

Biko Wesa (b1992) is a self-taught artist based in Kenya using photography to communicate. He focuses primarily on exploring his personal and collective roots and identity. Still evolving and occasionally battling bouts of depression, he recently adopted a nomadic lifestyle as a way of pushing him to create more. Striving to experiment and explore with other mediums, he picked up woodworking and has no idea what that means. Unsure of his writing skills, he typed this biography on Grammarly. It responded with Nothing can stop you now! As superstitious as he is, he took that as a message from God. © 2020

2019 – Nairobi National Museum: A Bitter Pill// Hakuna Dawa Tamu

2019 – University of Liverpool: A Bitter Pill// Hakuna Dawa Tamu

2018 – Lumix Festival – Hannover, Germany: APJD

2018 – International Photo Festival – Leiden, Holland: UPI

2017 – Photoville – New York, USA: Lens; New York Times & UPI

2016 – The Museum of Drug Policy – New York, USA: Tufts University & Open Society Foundation